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iPad Basics

Getting a new iPad can be both exciting and overwhelming. If you have never used an iPad before you might be slightly confused at first and asking yourself how to use an iPad. No need to worry. The iPad is one of the most user friendly and intuitive products available on the tablet market. You will be able to start enjoying your iPad in no time at all.

Turning On Your iPad

The first thing you need to do when you take your iPad out of the box is turn it on. At the bottom of the iPad you will see a circular button called the home button. Press the home button down until you see your screen light up. The next thing you will see on the screen is a flashing slider that will say slide to unlock. Simply slide your finger in the direction indicated by the slider and you will be good to go!


Once you have accessed your home screen by unlocking the slider you will notice several different icons for applications or otherwise known as apps. There are many different apps that serve many different purposes but you will use the same movement to access them all. When you want to open an app just take your finger and press on the icon of the app you want to open. When you want to exit the app press the home button and it will automatically bring you back to the home screen.


Different apps have different volume levels. The volume can easily be adjusted no matter what app you are using. When you pick up your iPad and look at the side of it you notice an elongated black button. When your press the top half of the black button the volume will go up and when you press the bottom half the volume will go down. When you are adjusting the volume make sure to keep an eye on the home screen as it will let you know what level your volume is set at.


The iPad has some pretty decent speakers for listening to music or watching movies. Sometimes you may want to listen to your music with headphones instead. When you look at the top of your iPad in the left hand corner you will notice a small hole. That small hole is the headphone jack. Whenever you want to use headphones with the iPad simply plug the headphones in to the headphone jack and the iPad’s audio will then play only through the headphones.

Sleep/Wake Button

Turning your iPad off is just as easy is it is to turn it on. If you look at the top of your iPad opposite of the headphone jack in the top right hand corner you will notice a black rectangular button. This button is the sleep/wake button. What the button does is turn your iPad on or off. When your screen is lit up and you want to turn the iPad off just press the button and you will notice the screen go black and if you want to turn it back on press the button again and the iPad will light up.


You iPad should have come with a charging cable as an accessory in the box. When you look at the bottom of your iPad you will notice a jack underneath the home button. That jack is where one end of the charging cable will be connected. The other end of the charging cable is a USB cable which can be plugged in to a USB port on a computer or with an adapter it can be plugged in to the wall.

There you go! Those are just a few of the basic things you will need to know in order to get started with your iPad.

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