iPad Control Center Tutorial – New in iOS 7

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This video tutorial covers the Control Center, which is a new and very useful feature in iOS 7. The control center is hidden at the bottom of your iPad. To access it you just need to swipe up with one finger from the bottom of your iPad.

The following controls are available in the Control Center:

  • Mediaplayer controls: In upper left corner you will find a media player, that allows you to play and control audio from most apps that have audio, for example Pandora. You will find the usual controls like play, pause, forward, backward. Below that you can control the volume with a slider.
  • Airplane mode icon: In the central section of the control center you will find a little icon with an airplane on it. Tap it to set your iPad to Airplane mode. It will switch off all connections like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and your cell phone service.
  • Wi-Fi icon: Next to the Airplane mode icon you will find the Wi-Fi Icon. If it is highlighted in white, it means you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Bluetooth icon: Enable or disable bluetooth with this button.
  • Moon icon: The moon icon will set the iPad to “Do not disturb” mode, it will switch off all notifications.
  • Mute button: Use this button to quickly mute all sounds on your iPad
  • Timer icon: Gives you access to a timer.
  • Camera icon: Gives you easy and quick access to the camera app.
  • Brightness control: The slider in the lower right corner of the control center allows you to set the brightness of your screen.
  • Airdrop icon: Airdrop allows you to wirelessly share files with other people’s devices. You need to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled to use it.
  • Airplay icon: Allows you to connect to your Apple TV

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