iPad FAQ – Frequently Asked iPad Questions and Answers

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ipad faq ipad questions and answers


1. I’m not sure I got the right size iPad can I add more storage later?

No unfortunately iPad is not upgradeable so pretty much what you see is what you get.

2. Why won’t my iPad turn off/on?

If you find yourself with a dead iPad or possibly with the progress wheel continuously spinning there may not be a need to panic. It may be due to an iOS crash. Try holding down the sleep button until your iPad turns off and if that doesn’t work leave it on until the battery runs out, charge it then try again.

3. What does the (+) sign mean in the Apple app store?

If an app has a plus sign next to it that means the app is designed to iPad/iPod touch and iPhone. Apps designed for all three are known as universal apps. Click here for more info about the App Store.

4. How do I delete an app?

If you want to delete and app simply press your finger on the app and hold it there until you see an X appear in the corner of the app. Then just press the X and the app will be deleted.

5. How do I take a screen shot on the iPad?

If you would like to take a screen shot on the iPad press the sleep button and the home button down at the exact same time.

6. How do I turn off iPad autocorrect?

If you don’t want the iPad to autocorrect your words when typing you must do the following:

Go to settings > General > Keyboard

From there you will slide the slider under Touch & Correction to Off.

7. How do I change the default search engine on the iPad?

If you want to change the default search engine on the iPad you must go to:

Settings > Safari > Search Engine

Once in the settings for Safari you will notice you can change the search engine to Google, Bing or Yahoo

8. Can I Print Directly From The iPad?

You can print via a wireless network using Airprint. When you find a page you want to print simply hit the share button and then select print. The page will be printed from any printer you select that is connected to your wireless network.

9. How much storage does the iPad offer?

iPad currently comes in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models

10. What is the iPad screen size?

9.7 inches

11. Does the iPad run flash?

No, unfortunately just like the iPhone the iPad does not run flash.

12. Do all iPad models have WiFi?

Yes all iPad models are WiFi capable.

13. What is the iPad’s battery life?

On a full charge an iPad’s battery life is estimated to be 10 hours. There are many people who have claimed to get a battery life longer than 10 hours.

14. Will iPhone apps work on the iPad?

Yes, iPhone apps will work on the iPad. With most apps being universal nowadays you should notice almost no difference between using a universal app on your iPhone or iPad.

15. Does the iPad take pictures?

Yes. The iPad has a camera on both the front and back of the iPad.

16. Will the apps I download on my iPhone automatically be downloaded on my iPad?

Yes. If you have iOS 5 or higher you can set this feature up via iCloud.

17. How many app pages/home screens can I get on my iPad?

For now the maximum is 11 home screens on the iPad.

18. How heavy is the iPad?

1.5 pounds

19. Does the iPad support Bluetooth accessories?

The iPad does support some Bluetooth accessories such as Bluetooth wireless keyboards but it does not support all Bluetooth accessories.

20. Can I use the iPad as a second monitor for my computer?

Yes but you must download and install the Air Display app on both your iPad and your computer.


Do you have any other iPad questions? Just leave a comment. If you know the answer to someone else’s question please answer it.


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  • Mary

    My auto brightness is turned off so I can manually control it. However, right now the “brightness icon” is “stuck” on the screen and won’t allow me to adjust manually. Anyone help?? Thanks!

  • MJ

    I downloaded this new iOS version and now I do not know how to bookmark my favorite pages, etc. It was so easy before and now it even took me a while to find out where my bookmarks were. Please help!

    • Connie Jones

      Please ,please help me!!! I have lost my history and bookmarks!!! I used the history sometimes weeks back to find websites. Now I have lost my whole history ????? This just happened out of the blue? A while back I downloaded IOS 7 on my old iPad 2. It has been a major pain;however a few functions I like. Now….I have this problem. I have many bookmarked and/or. Sites that should show up on my History list which are medical in nature. I have surgery NEXT Wed. And need to go back and study many of these things which represents so-ooooooo many hours of my work. I’m panicking a bit but have faith that there must be a fix and a brilliant iPad expert who will take pity on this stupid. Any suggestions ???? ASAP would be a God-send. Thanks in advance!
      Ps. I would use bold and underline for BRILLIANT EXPERT if I could figure out how ;(

  • Joe wilson

    Why when typing on my ipad4 does a voice come on(every so often) and say a word that i just typed.? It could be any word. Its driving me crazy. Thanx for any help.

  • Ian Rolfe-Vyson

    Ipad 1 after I downloaded a music track from iTunes, continually since then I have requests to supply my password, how do I stop this appearing on screen. I just delete the request but it is very annoying as it appears every time I open mail, apps etc.

  • Nancy Smith

    Can’t seem to make FaceTime work. I have added the latest upgrade which was supposed to fix some glitches, but mine still won’t work. If I go to “Settings” there is no way to turn it “on.” I try to sign in and it says I have a network problem (I don’t). Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Teri

    On my contacts on one person I have the little face, when I message someone from my iPad it shows that picture. Shows my message delivered with that picture. How do I correct this?

    • Kevin C

      Tap on the Bookmarks icon then tap on Edit at the bottom right hand corner of the drop down menu and you’ll have the option to delete any bookmark

  • Marcia Dawn Crosby Emond

    All of a sudden cannot use my email account. User name and password have not changed. Any suggestions? I can obtain email by going to the verizon.net account.

  • Mary

    How do I back up my iPad to iCloud? I get a message that says it hasn’t been backed up in weeks, to plug it in, lock it and be connected to wifi. I turn it off, plug it in and we have wifi in the house but it doesn’t work. Thanks