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How To Use the iPad iMovie App

Have you ever watched a cool YouTube video and thought about how you would love to make one?

Do you have a bunch of footage or great clips filmed but don’t know how to edit them?

That is all about to change.

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Now that you have an iPad you can easily download the iMovie app and make professional looking videos with cool effects. Not only will your videos impress people but you will have a great time putting them together and making your vision come to life.

Getting Started

Let’s get the obvious out of the way here. Your first step will be to download iMovie and your second step will be to open it by tapping the icon on the screen.

When iMovie opens you will see a plus sign at the bottom of the screen. Tap the plus symbol to create a new project.


Once your new project has been created you will notice in the top left corner of the iPad you will be able to choose any video footage you may already have recorded on your iPad. In the middle of the screen to the far right you will see the camera button. If you want to use the camera and record new footage on the spot you will have to push that button.

When you open up the camera app you will have access to all of the features you normally would such as front facing camera and still frame pictures.

Adding Footage To Your Timeline

When it comes to using footage that has already been recorded all you have to do is drag your finger across the footage in the upper left corner until you come to a point in the footage that you want to use. Once you find the spot where you want it to start tap on that spot and a highlighted box will appear. You can drag this box to anywhere you want on the footage depending on where you want it to start or end.

After you are done selecting the footage just tap the selected footage again and it will drop in to your timeline.

Adding Still Photos To Your Timeline

If you want to add still photos to your timeline you can easily do that. Underneath the section where you selected the video footage you will see a camera button. Just tap the camera button and your camera roll will appear in the top left hand corner where your video footage was.

Adding still photos to your timeline is similar to adding video footage. All you have to do is tap whichever photo you wish to add and then it will appear in your timeline. If you want to change the length of how long the photo appears in your video then tap the photo in the timeline section and drag the length of the photo to make it shorter.

Adding Audio To Your Timeline

Next to the camera button you used to add photos to your timeline you will notice a button made of music notes. Tap the music notes when you want to add music to your video. When you tap the button a new menu will appear which will allow you to select music from the iMovie theme music or your iTunes library.

Tap whichever music selection you like, pick a song and tap the song. Once you select the song it will appear in your timeline. The green section in the background of the video footage will be your audio.

When you watch your video the audio will be playing in the background while your audio plays. If you don’t want to use the audio just double click the green section to delete it.

How easy does that sound? You are sure to have a great time making videos with iMovie. Now you can put all of your favorite video footage together in one neat little package with just your fingertips. Want more cool iPad Tutorials? Click here to access hundreds of iPad Video Lessons and get the most out of your iPad.

Image: Wesley Fryer/Flickr.com (CC-BY License)


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