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iPad User Guide for the Keynote app

Making presentations can be tough. It doesn’t matter what you do or how confident you are. When you need to make a presentation you need to have the best technology possible in order to make your presentation smooth. You only get one chance to get your point across and if you don’t do it the right way you may lose your audience.

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Now that you have an iPad, you have power at your fingertips. With the Keynote app for iPad you can make a professional presentation with ease. Let’s take a look  at how to get started with Keynote for iPad.

Getting Started

When you download Keynote the icon will appear in your home screen. When you want to get started tap the Keynote icon. When the Keynote app opens up you will see an icon that looks like a plus sign in the top left hand corner tap the plus icon to get started. When you tap the plus icon and when the menu drops down select create presentation.

Choosing A Theme

Once you have selected the option to create a presentation you will be brought to the next screen. One the next screen you will have to choose a theme for your presentation. There are many themes to choose from such as white, black, chalkboard and showroom. Choose whichever theme will fit your presentation the best.

Naming Your Presentation

After you have selected your theme the next step is to name your presentation. You will notice on the screen you will see text that says double tap to edit. Simply double tap this text in order to replace it with your own name. You can rename your presentation absolutely anything that you want to. It is recommended that you keep things simple and use a short title.

Changing Your Font

You’ve got the name for your presentation all picked out but you aren’t really a big fan of the default font for the text. Don’t worry that’s ok because you can easily change it. Look up in the top right corner and you will see a paint brush icon which gives you the option to change the font, size and color of your text. Once you have selected the font you want simply highlight the words you want to be changed.

Adding Pictures

Pictures are going to be a big part of your presentation. With that being said you are going to want to add your own pictures that are relevant to what your presentation is about. Look at the default picture just above the name of your presentation and tap the photo icon in the bottom right corner of that picture.

You will then see a screen that allows you to select pictures from your iPad. Just find the picture you want, then tap on it and it will automatically replace the default picture above your presentation text.

Creating A New Slide

Now that you have completed your first slide with both text and a picture you are going to want to start on the next one. In the bottom left corner you will notice another plus icon.

When you tap this plus icon it will allow you to create a whole new slide. Creating the new slide will be the same as the first slide. You can add text and pictures in any way you like just the same way as you did with the steps above.

How To Add A Movie

If you would like to add a movie tap the plus icon in the top right hand corner next to the paint brush icon.

After you are presented with a new drop down menu make sure that media is selected.

From there you will select camera roll and tap on the movie you want to use just like you would a picture.

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See I bet you never knew that making great presentations was so easy did you? Well it is and Keynote is going to help you create an original presentation that is sure to get everyone’s attention.


Featured Image: Gustavo da Cunha Pimenta/Flickr.com

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