iPad Safari Tutorial – Settings for the iPad Browser

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iPad Safari Settings and Private Browsing

Safari is a great web browser. With its slick look and many different options Safari sets itself apart from the pack of web browser clones in order to give you a satisfying experience while you surf the web.

Safari is very easy to use and it is made to adapt to your preferences. Let’s open Safari up and take a look at what it has to offer.

The standard iPad Browser Safari At A Glance

In the top right hand corner you will notice an empty box. When you click on this box it will open and the iPad keyboard will appear on screen. This is your search engine box that will search for whatever you type into it on whichever search engine you set up for Safari.

Search Engine Box

ipad safari search box

In order to choose your favorite search engine you must go to the “settings” app. When the screen opens up you must then select Safari from the left hand column. In the right hand column under Safari settings you will notice at the very top where it says “search engine” if you select it you can then set the default search engine for Safari. Your choices will be Google, Yahoo and Bing.

New Tab

Underneath the search engine box you will see a plus sign. If you tap the plus sign Safari automatically opens up a new tab.

Internet Address Box

To the left of the search engine box you will see another much longer box. Tap this box and the keyboard will pop up allowing you to type in the web address of whatever website you would like to go to.


When you look the left of the box where you type in a URL address you will see an arrow pointing right. When you have a website pulled up on Safari this arrow will turn white. The white arrow allows you to share whatever website you are on via email, Facebook, Twitter, or iMessage and it will also give you the option to bookmark the page.


Directly to the left of the share button is the iCloud tab. The iCloud tab allows you to access any other open tabs that may be open on any other iOS device that is synced with your iCloud.


Last but not least at the top of the Safari web browser just left of the iCloud button tab you will see the bookmark tab. When you tap this tab you are presented with a list of websites that you have added to the bookmark list by using the share tab we talked about earlier. You will see at the top of the bookmark drop down menu in the right hand corner there is the option to edit which will allow you to delete any bookmarks you may not want in the list. At the bottom of the drop down menu you will see a clock tab which will take you to your viewing history when you tap it. Next to that is your reading list which you can add pages to by using the share tab.

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Safari Settings

When you open up the “settings” app and choose Safari you are presented with many different options in the right hand menu.

ipad safari settings

Search Engine

When you tap this section it will allow you to select the default search engine for Safari. Your choices will be Google, Yahoo and Bing.


This function will allow you to automatically input your contact info or email/password info in to any site or app that may need it. By sliding the use contact info option to on you are allowing AutoFill to fill in your information.

Open New Tab In Background

When this option is on it allows you to open a new tab without being diverted from the tab you are currently looking at. When you are on your current tab tap a link on whatever site you may be on but hold your finger down on the link and a new menu will pop up. This menu will give you the option to open the new tab in the background. When you open the new tab you will stay on the tab you are viewing and the second tab will be open for you to view later.

Safari Privacy Settings

Private Browsing

Private browsing comes in handy for anyone who forgets to clear their web history often. Let’s face it we all look at embarrassing websites from time to time that we don’t want anyone to know about. Thanks to private browsing no one ever has to know!

When you turn private browsing on it will never keep a history of the websites you’ve visited. Every time you close Safari your slate will be wiped clean so to speak. When private browsing is on your Safari menu bar will be black and when it is off your Safari menu bar will be silver.

Accept Cookies

This menu is pretty easy to figure out. Once you open this up it allows you to block cookies from all sites, accept them from only sites you’ve visited, or block them all together.
As you can see the most popular iPad browser Safari has many options and settings. Safari is one of the most unique web browsers available and highly customizable. No matter how you like to browse the web Safari can be adjusted to meet your needs.


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  • Sharon House

    When using the iPad, there should be a way for Safari to open a new tab automatically when clicking on a link (an ad) on the page you’re already on. I have found that when playing a web solitaire game, it is VERY easy to accidentally, with a stray finger, to tap an ad on the side of the page, right in the middle of a long game. At that point the ad opens IN THE SAME TAB and I lose my game. I can hit the back button on the upper left side of the page and go back to the game page, but it then starts a brand new game. This has happened MANY times, try as I might not to accidentally hit an ad. Safari should ALWAYS open a new tab automatically! This is soooo frustrating!