15 Mind-Blowing iPad Tricks Most People Don’t Know

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Amazing iPad Tricks every iPad User should know

Have you just unwrapped your new iPad and you’re still wondering where to start from? Or are you a seasoned iPad user looking for great tricks to use your iPad more efficiently?

Then you came to the right place, because in this article you are going to learn a lot of cool things that you can do with your iPad that most people don’t know about. These tricks will leave you glued to your iPad craving for more.

Your iPad has a lot of tricks up its sleeve that most iPad owners don’t know!

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It is time you get the most out of your iPad and that is why we have rounded up the most useful things to make your iPad experience more efficient and fun.

 1. Split the Keyboard

If you tend to type on your iPad’s virtual keyboard using thumbs then this feature will prove to be very helpful. The feature is designed to suit those that prefer a more ergonomic typing position.

All you need to do is tap and hold the keyboard button placed on the bottom right hand side that you normally use to hide the keyboard (dock and merge).

A pop up menu will then appear on your screen. Choose the split option and the split keyboard will appear. Splitting the keyboard also provides access to hidden keys that were not there before.


2. Take Selfies Using the Volume Button

earbud-remote-camera-controlYou do not have to use the camera app’s button to focus and take a photo. You can instead just click the volume + button. An even better method is by using a pair of Apple earbuds.

You just have to press the + button on the earbuds remote control and the camera will take a picture.

Both methods are great for selfies with the forward facing camera. This way you can avoid the “selfie arm” and it’s perfect to eliminate camera shake.

3. Enable Private Browsing

You can employ on your iPad some of the same security and private features that you enjoy on your desktop. Just go to the settings menu and then the Safari tab. Enable the “Do Not Track” feature. This will keep away certain advertisers from tracking web habits for advertising purposes.

You can also tap the “private” button found on the page icon at the bottom. This will block your iPad from keeping your browsing history. Watch the Safari Settings Tutorial here

4. Protect yourself from Identity theft with VPN

If you never heard about VPN, you need to read this for the sake of your privacy! If you use your iPad frequently at public Wi-Fi Networks, like libraries, coffee shops or restaurants you should be aware that it is very easy for anyone to hack into your iPad and steal your Facebook password, read your emails and access any data you send over the public Wi-Fi.

Using a VPN connection prevents data theft and protects your privacy, because your connection will be encrypted.

Your iPad supports VPN, you just need to go to Settings > General > Network, select VPN, move the slider to ON and add your VPN Provider’s server and account details. The easiest way to protect your iPad from data theft is Hidepad, which offers a very easy and quick installation.

Watch this video why you need VPN now…


VPN is also very useful to access websites that are blocked in your country, because VPN allows you to connect to the internet via servers that are located in other countries.

5. Literally Shake off Errors

Yes, you read that correctly. You can undo typing errors by shaking your iPad. If you make a mistake while typing on your iPad, all you need to do is to hold it up firmly and give it a vigorous shake. A box will then appear on your screen asking you if you would like to undo the error you have just made.

Shake your iPad to undo any errors

Tap undo and the text will be deleted. If you happen to change your mind again, just shake the iPad again and select Redo to get the text back.

6. Access your Home Computer from Anywhere

Access your home computer from anywhere with your iPadYou will have to cough out a little money to achieve this. First you need to download iTeleport. Having this app will mean that you can now access your desktop from anywhere in the world through the use of your iPad.

Provided you leave the computer switched on, you can do a lot with this when you are away. You can play loud music to the empty house and scare away potential burglars and you could also email yourself files from your home computer.

7. Use your iPad as a second monitor

Use your Ipad as a second monitorThis is a really neat trick for travelers who like to work with two monitors. Most people nowadays carry a small laptop and an iPad anywhere they travel, so why not make better use of them and combine their powers.

Using the Air Display app you will be able to use your iPad as a second monitor for your notebook or computer without using any cables!

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8. Multitasking Gestures most people are not using yet

Buried under the general settings, is a little switch that turns on multitasking gestures. This will save you a lot of time.


5 Finger Pinch:

You can go back to your home screen without pressing the home button by simply pinching four or five fingers across the screen.

Swipe up to reveal multitasking bar:

Instead of double tapping the home button to access the multitasking bar, just swipe up four or five fingers and you will have quick access to the multitasking bar.

Swipe left or right to switch between apps:

You can also make a four finger swipe to the right or left to switch between apps at a flicking speed.

9. Find your Friends

You can view the location of your friends on a map using your iPad’s free “Find My Friends” app from Apple. The friend must also have an iPad and should also be using the app.

But first you will have to seek their permission before seeing where they are. This feature can be very useful for a visitor that is lost on directions. This app can be downloaded on iTunes and is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.

10. Type faster with Double Spaces

This trick is helpful for those people that are too lazy to type in full stops. When typing in full flow, you could just double tap the space bar on the keyboard and a full stop and a single space will be produced. It also capitalizes the following letter. This trick can save you quite some time. This also works on the iPhone and most Android devices.

Double tap the space bar to produce a period and a space

11. Find your iPad

If you are the kind of person that quickly forgets where you left your gadget then this feature can be very helpful. Turn on the feature in the iCloud settings.

When the iPad goes missing, just log in to iCloud with your nearest computer or Smartphone with your iTunes details.

You can then instruct the iPad to tell any potential finder on how to return it. You can also ask the iPad to play a sound that over rides any volumes and mute settings.

12. Remotely Wipe your iPad

Apart from helping you find it, you can also erase all your data on the iPad in case it gets lost completely. iCloud will allow you to remotely set a passcode and to also erase all data. If you wipe this data however, you can no longer use the find your iPad function to find it again.

13. Use your iPad as a Media Remote

Your iPad can control your computer and also act as a remote for controlling your video and music. All you need to do is to make sure that everything is working on the same Wi-Fi. You can take advantage of this by picking up Apple’s Remote App.

14. Take a screenshot

Taking a screenshot can be very useful in many cases. To make a screenshot just press the home button and the sleep/wake button. The screen will flash and you will hear a clicking sound. The screenshot will automatically be saved to your picture gallery.

15. Get your iPad to read to you

Did you know your iPad can read any selectable text out loud? All you need to do is enable the Speak option. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Scroll down to Speak Selection, and turn it on. Use the slider control to set the speaking rate.  Once this is done you can select any text and the Speak Option appears next to it and you can let your iPad read the text out loud.

iPad Speak option

Now don’t you feel like you know your iPad so much better now?

All the aforementioned tricks are real and can be executed on your iPad. Now it’s your turn to perfect on them and share them with your friends. They will certainly wonder when you became an iPad expert. You can now look cool and bright and all that.

Do you have any other little unknown cool tricks that you would want us to know about? Share them with us and our readers.

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Images Credits: Theodore Lee,FRBorj Fotographix, /flickr.com (CC License)


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  • Patrice

    I accidentally discovered a trick. You’ll have to get creative to think of an application for the first samples, but the last is obvious. They’re all curious, just the same. If you bring up the numbers and symbols keyboard [click on the .?123 key] and you swipe the exclamation mark and question mark keys [ ! ? ] from the bottom up, you will get upside down versions of the first two, [ ¡ ¿ ] and a symbol for the ampersand [ &] that isn’t even shown anywhere on the iPad keyboard. It looks like a little seahorse [ § ]. I’m not familiar with its name but I’ve seen it before. Do the same with the zero key [ 0 ] and you get a tiny circle that would read as a degree symbol [ ° ].

    • Melanie

      Patrice, these signs you talk about (¿¡) are used in the Spanish language. Whenever we make an exclamation or a question, we require both opening and closing signs; for example, to ask “What’s your name?” one would write in Spanish: “¿cómo te llamas?”. To say “Hello!”, it is necessary to write “¡Hola!”. As you can see, we use both and they are actually pretty useful for they allow us to know the intonation of the phrase from the beginning of it. I think they might be other languages where they are used, probably Portuguese, but I am not sure. At least in French and in German we only use the closing ones as in English.
      Hope this was useful to you! 😉

  • victoriajz

    the seahorse [§] option + 5 on a computer keyboard usually is the symbol used for Section in legalese = i.e., Section 17A.4 = § 17A.4 of a code of law etc. Some codes and regulations use §§ and others use ¶¶ [paragraphs], just depends

  • Darren brown

    Turned on the speak option as per instructions above. Opened all types of text but no sign of speak option anywhere to be seen. Any ideas??

    • Jak

      Hold a finger on the text until it is magnified. Then use the select all button that should appear above the text. Follow with the speak button that should also appear above the text. It is great for kids. Hope it works for you

  • Rocky

    Tapping on the clock scrolls the screen all the way back up. Useful for Facebook Twitter and Web pages where you’ve scrolled a long way down and you need to get back to the top in a hurry

  • Anne Mathie

    I have had an iPad mini since the beginning of Dec. 2013 I cannot get it to recognize my email address or retrieve any emails sent to my e mail address. These emails do show up on my home computer What can I do?

  • Kevin Mc

    Is there any way to make the Find your iPad sound louder? I use to find where I’ve put it down, and it’d be handy if I ould hear from next room.