Top iPad Apps: The 20 Best Apps for your iPad

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Now that you have your iPad you’re going to need some great apps. You’re in luck because when it comes to great apps there are many of them out there.

Check out our selection of the Top iPad apps that are available right now. Some of them are standard apps everyone should have and most people know.

But there are also a few not so well known gems.

Have a look:

1. Air Display

Air Display is an app for iPad that turns your iPad in to a second monitor. It’s easy to download and just as easy to setup. Air Display works with any type of computer both Mac and PC so long as they are connected to the iPad via a wireless network.


Get Air Display here

2. YouTube

youtube ipad appYouTube is world’s most popular video browsing website. With this app YouTube comes to life on your iPad allowing you to access millions of videos at any time you want.

Download the Youtube App for iPad here


3. Google Maps

When it comes to maps nobody does it better than Google. With a built in GPS and streetview Google Maps puts you right where you want to be whether you need it for directions or just browsing.
google maps must have apps for ipad
Click here to get Google Maps for your iPad

4. Facebook

facebook app for ipadFacebook has become a huge part of our culture. It doesn’t matter where you go or who you are with everyone wants to be connected to this social network. The Facebook app for iPad makes it easy to stay connected 24/7.

Download the Facebook app here

5. Twitter

twitter for ipadMuch like Facebook Twitter is another popular platform for social media. With Twitter you can follow your friends and favorite celebrities while sharing pictures and videos in 140 characters or less.

Get the Twitter App here

6. Instagram

Instagram is a social network that is based completely on pictures. Instead of sharing moments with a status the friends or celebrities you follow share pictures. It gets even cooler because Instagram allows you to add filters to your photos which will make even the dullest picture seem flashy.

top apps for ipad instagram

Download Instagram for free

7. Emoticons: Emoji

emoji app for ipadLong gone are the days when you would use punctuation on a computer to make a smiley face :). Now you can add a real smiley face and many other pictures to express you emotions which are called emoticons.

Get Emoji here

 8. iMovie

iMovie is a very powerful movie making app that lets you transform your ordinary video footage in to a professional looking video. iMovie is very easy and fun to use allowing you to make fun, professional looking videos in no time.


More Info about iMovie here

9. Garageband

Garageband for iPad allows you to make your own custom songs in minutes. With no experience necessary Garageband allows anyone to create great sounding music and have fun while doing it.

More details about Garageband

10. Keynote

keynote-app-for-ipadKeynote is an app that takes your photos and videos and helps you use them to create a powerful presentation. Whether you are looking to make a presentation for fun or business Keynote is sure to give you all of the tools you need.

Get the Keynote App for your iPad

 11. Pages

pages-app-ipadIf you need to create word documents the iPad is a great tool to create them with. You are going to need an app that can give you the platform to write and pages is that app. Pages assists you in creating great looking word documents in just about any style you can imagine.

Download the Pages app

12. Netflix

Netflix changed the way we watch movies by allowing you to access thousands of tv shows and movies at any time. Now you can take your favorite tv shows and movies with you in your iPad and watch them anywhere.


Get the Netflix app here

13. Find My Friends

find-my-friendsHave you ever wanted to find your friends or see if any of them are somewhere close by? Now you can! Enter your Apple ID then send your friend a request and if they accept you will be able to see where they are. This is a great tool if you ever get seperated from your friends or family or just if you want to be nosy.

Download the Find my Friends App

14. IMDB

imdb-ipadEveryone has those moments when they are trying to think of an actor or a movie that they starred in but can’t quite put the two together. The IMDB app offers you a huge database with just about every actor and movie on the planet!

More info about the IMDB App here

15. Kindle

best-free-apps-for-ipad-kindleThe Kindle app brought to you by Amazon allows you to download books, newspapers and magazines.

With Kindle you can read just about anything you want whether you’re at home or on the go.

Get the Kindle App for your iPad here

 16. Pinterest

free apps for ipad pinterestPinterest is like a giant internet bulletin board that you can pin your favorite things to. Share your favorite things including foods, movies, clothes or ideas with your friends but be careful Pinterest is highly addictive.

Get the Pinterest App for free

17. Skype

skype-ipadApple’s Facetime video chat makes it extremely easy to video chat with anyone anywhere. It can’t always be that easy though because not everyone owns Apple products. If you want to video chat with someone who can’t use Facetime then Skype is the next best thing.

More info about Skype for iPad

18. Spotify

Much like Netflix changed the way we watch movies Spotify is changing the way we listen to music. Spotify is a music subscripion service that lets you access any album at any time. This is great for people who don’t want to fill up their iPad memory with mp3’s.


Get Spotify for your iPad here

19. Pandora

pandoraPandora is another great music app. Pandora lets you create radio stations based on your favorite artist and their style of music. Just type in the name of the artist you want to listen to and Pandora will create an entire station of similar artists.

Download Pandora from the App Store

20. The Weather Channel

weather-channel-app-ipadThe Apple weather app is good but nobody knows weather like The Weather Channel. It is a good thing The Weather Channel has their own app to keep you up to date on weather happening not just in your area but around the country.
The Weather Channel App on iTunes

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Did we miss your favorite app in our list of the best apps for iPad ‘s? Please leave a comment, if you would like to add a cool app to this list.

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